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(Low-frequency stimulation)


  • Type of protection and degree of protection against electric shock: Class 1 type BF device mounting
  • Zero-start
  • Upon completion of the set time the buzzer sounded
  • Overcurrent protection
  • The final setting value storage function


  • Power Cord 1, Suction pad line 2, Suction pad 8, Round resin pulp 8 Option(IN-2200B) : Body 1, AC Code 1, Suction pad line 1, Suction pad 4, Round resin pulp


  • Highly effective therapy of people with chronic muscle fatigue, lumbago, arthralgia, myalgia, frozen shoulder and polymyalgia

Convenient to use

  • Last setting save function
  • Low noise suction motor, Automatic drain valve armor, Auto Vacuum


Power AC 100~240V
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50VA
Fixed-frequency interference 2500Hz, 4000Hz, 6000Hz
Fluctuation frequency interference 2250~2500Hz, 3750Hz~4000Hz, 5750Hz~6000Hz
Interference frequency (frequency modulation) 0 ~ 250Hz
AUTO Frequency AUTO-1: 0~10Hz, AUTO-2: 0~30Hz, AUTO-3: 0~70Hz,
AUTO-4: 0~100Hz, AUTO-5: 0~150Hz, AUTO-6: 0~250Hz,
AUTO-7: 20~50Hz, AUTO-8: 30~100Hz, AUTO-9: 50~130Hz
AUTO-10: 70~150Hz, AUTO-11: 90~250Hz
Output Current 2500Hz=57mA, 4000Hz=70mA, 6000Hz=72mA
Vacuum suction cycle Vacuum release = 1.3sec
Vacuum time : 1.3sec, 1.5sec, 2.0sec, 2.5sec, 3.0sec, 4.0sec, 5.0sec auto time, continuous vacuum
Auto time : Vacuum release = 1.3sec Vacuum time = 5.0sec, 1.0sec
Output Mode: 3 modes Continuous mode, Intermittent mode, Cross mode
Operating time (Timer) 1-60 minutes
Weight 8KG
Dimensions (W)478mm*(L)355mm*(H)145mm